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+## Dependencies
+On Gentoo systems using Portage:
+`emerge www-apps/jekyll dev-ruby/nokogiri dev-ruby/kramdown dev-ruby/rbst`
+* www-apps/jekyll - The static web engine for this site.
+* dev-ruby/nokogiri - A Ruby plugin to add support for parsing HTML/XML documents. Takes action on devaway, mirror informaiton, packages, blogs (planet), and wiki articles.
+* dev-ruby/kramdown - A Ruby plugin to add support for kramdown, a superset of the Markdown markup language. kramdown is used throughout this site.
+* dev-ruby/rbst - A Ruby wrapper for processing reStructuredText via Python's Docutils. Required for GLEP generation.
+### Optional
+* net-misc/wget - Downloads files containing dynamic data (see below).
+## Dynamic data
+Once the dependencies have been emerged, run `bash ./bin/update.sh` from the base directory to update the site's data that is dynamically generated. Expect "LDAP user information" to be skipped on systems that are not directly connected to Gentoo's LDAP infrastructure.
+## Generation
+Issue a `jekyll serve` to build the site.