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To get the dependencies on Gentoo systems using Portage:
-`emerge www-apps/jekyll dev-ruby/nokogiri dev-ruby/kramdown dev-ruby/rbst`
+`emerge www-apps/jekyll dev-ruby/nokogiri dev-ruby/kramdown dev-ruby/rbst dev-ruby/base32`
* www-apps/jekyll - The static web engine for this site.
* dev-ruby/nokogiri - A Ruby plugin to add support for parsing HTML/XML documents. Takes action on devaway, mirror information, packages, blogs (planet), and wiki articles (see files in the _data directory).
* dev-ruby/kramdown - A Ruby plugin to add support for kramdown, a superset of the Markdown markup language. kramdown is used throughout this site.
* dev-ruby/rbst - A Ruby wrapper for processing reStructuredText via Python's Docutils. Required for GLEP generation.
+* dev-ruby/base32 - A Ruby library for base32 decoding and encoding (used by _plugins/wkd.rb).
### Optional