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+title: '2022 in retrospect & late happy new year 2023!'
+<img align="right" height="140" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/2023.png" alt="Gentoo Fireworks">
+A quite late Happy New Year 2023 to all of you!
+Once again with 2022 an eventful year has passed, and Gentoo is still alive and kicking!
+2023 already started some time ago and some of us have even already been
+meeting up and networking at [FOSDEM 2023](https://www.fosdem.org/). Still, we are
+happy to present once more a review of the Gentoo news of the past year 2022.
+<a href="https://www.gentoo.org/news/2023/02/05/new-year.html">Read on</a>
+for new developers, distribution wide initiatives and improvements,
+up-to-date numbers on Gentoo development, tales from the infrastructure, and
+all the fresh new packages you can emerge now.
+## Gentoo in numbers
+**The number of commits to the [main ::gentoo repository](https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/gentoo.git/)
+has remained at high level in 2022**, from *126920* to *126682*.
+This is also true for the number of commits by external contributors, *10492*,
+now across an even increased *440* unique external authors compared to *435* last
+**[GURU, our user-curated repository with a trusted user
+model](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:GURU), is clearly growing further.**
+We have had *5761* commits in 2022, up by 12% from *5131* in 2021.
+The number of contributors to GURU has increased similarly, from *125* in
+2021 to *144* in 2022. Please join us there and help packaging the latest and
+greatest software. That's the ideal preparation for becoming a full Gentoo developer!
+On **the [Gentoo bugtracker bugs.gentoo.org](https://bugs.gentoo.org/)**, both the number
+of reported and of resolved bugs has increased clearly. We've had *26362* bug reports
+created in 2022, compared to *24056* in 2021. The number of resolved bugs shows a similar
+trend, with *24499* in 2022 compared to *24076* in 2021.
+## New developers
+In 2022 we have gained **four new Gentoo developers**. They are in chronological order:
+1. **[Matthew Smith (matthew)](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/User:Matthew)**:
+ <img align="right" height="45" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/5df093f70a89cc4b0a75fc9fa2f09282?s=45&d=retro">
+ Matthew [joined us](https://archives.gentoo.org/gentoo-project/message/a9a6afeb59912fc10fba81236fe63d27)
+ already in February from the North East of England. By trade embedded software developer, he helps with
+ a diverse set of packages, from *mold* to *erlang* and from *nasm* to *tree-sitter*.
+2. **[WANG Xuerui (xen0n)](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/User:Xen0n)**:
+ <img align="right" height="45" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/389c00ed2836b82b8511ecfbdc919d7d?s=45&d=retro">
+ A long-time Gentoo user, Xuerui [joined us](https://archives.gentoo.org/gentoo-dev/message/197003f97ecc5db5e1c31e8e3bb9e87f) as a developer in March from Shanghai, China.
+ He jumped in right into the deep end, bringing LoongArch support to Gentoo as well
+ as lots of toolchain and qemu expertise (as long as his cat lets him).
+3. **[Kenton Groombridge (concord)](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/User:Concord)**:
+ <img align="right" height="45" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/a89c24304a741760b9bacaf72d229b85?s=45&d=retro">
+ Kenton comes from the US and from a real Gentoo family (yes, such a thing exists!); he
+ [joined up](https://archives.gentoo.org/gentoo-project/message/c4525079ae7cccf0879fd0b271dac351) in May.
+ His speciality is Gentoo Hardened and SELinux, and he has already collected quite some
+ commits there!
+4. **[Viorel Munteanu (ceamac)](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/User:Viorel)**:
+ <img align="right" height="45" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/e89fc0d770308b760ce79003a1bffcdd?s=45&d=retro">
+ In November, Viorel [joined us](https://archives.gentoo.org/gentoo-project/message/fc8ade4478ff3c1c5258cde9e856b172) from
+ Bucharest, Romania. He's active in the virtualization and proxy maintainers teams,
+ and takes care of the VirtualBox stack and, e.g., TigerVNC.
+## Featured changes and news
+Let's now look at the major improvements and news of 2022 in Gentoo.
+### Distribution-wide Initiatives
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/memory-stick.png">
+ <b>LiveGUI Gentoo ISO download</b>: For an instant, full-fledged Gentoo experience we now have
+ a weekly-built 3.7GByte [amd64 LiveGUI ISO](https://bouncer.gentoo.org/fetch/root/all/releases/amd64/autobuilds/current-livegui-amd64/)
+ ready for download. It is suitable for booting from DVDs or USB sticks, and boots into a full
+ [KDE Plasma desktop](https://kde.org/de/plasma-desktop/) based on stable Gentoo. A ton of ready-to-use
+ software is included, from dozens of system
+ utilities, [LibreOffice](https://www.libreoffice.org/), [Inkscape](https://inkscape.org/),
+ and [TeXLive](https://www.tug.org/texlive/) all the way to [Firefox](https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/)
+ and [Chromium](https://www.chromium.org/Home/). Also, all build dependencies are installed and you
+ can emerge additional packages as you like!
+- **[Modern C porting](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Modern_C_porting)**:
+ This recent cross-distribution initiative has as its objective to port as much open source
+ software as possible to modern C standards. Upcoming versions of GCC and Clang will eventually
+ lose support for constructs that have been deprecated for decades, and we will have to be
+ prepared for that. Together with [Fedora](https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/PortingToModernC)
+ we have taken the lead here, and a lot of effort has already gone into fixing and modernization.
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/logo-llvm.png">
+ **[Clang / LLVM](https://llvm.org/) as primary system compiler**:
+ Closely related, support for using Clang as the primary system compiler in Gentoo has never
+ been better than now. For the most popular architectures, we have LLVM stages available which
+ replace the GNU toolchain as far as possible (also using libc++, compiler-rc, lld, ...)
+ While glibc at the moment still requires GCC to build, the LLVM/musl stages come fully without
+ GNU toolchain.
+- <b>New binary package format *gpkg*</b>:
+ Gentoo's package manager Portage now supports a new binary package format defined in
+ [GLEP 78](https://www.gentoo.org/glep/glep-0078.html). Besides many minor improvements,
+ the most important new feature of the file format is that it fully supports cryptographic
+ signing of packages. This was one of the most important roadblocks for more extensive binary
+ package support in Gentoo.
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/logo-systemd.png">
+ **merged-usr profiles and systemd merged-usr stages**:
+ All systemd profiles have now gained a merged-usr subprofile, corresponding to a
+ filesystem layout where, e.g., /bin is a symbolic link to /usr/bin. The migration
+ procedure has been described in detail in a [news item](https://www.gentoo.org/support/news-items/2022-12-01-systemd-usrmerge.html).
+ With this, we prepare for the time when systemd will only support the merged-usr
+ layout anymore, as already [announced by the upstream developers](https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/systemd-devel/2022-September/048352.html).
+ Across all architectures, we also now consistently offer in addition to openrc downloads
+ systemd stages with and without merged-usr layout. Merged-usr openrc stages will follow
+ for completeness.
+### Architectures
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/loong.jpg">
+ **LoongArch64**:
+ In the meantime, [LoongArch64](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loongson#LoongArch),
+ a Chinese development by Loongson Co. based in parts on MIPS and on RISC-V, has become a
+ fully supported [Gentoo architecture](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:LoongArch),
+ with toolchain support, widespread keywording, and up-to-date stages for download.
+ First server-type chipsets based on these chips are currently being sold.
+ (Outside mainland China hardware is difficult to obtain though.)
+- **AArch64**: An exotic variant of AArch64 (arm64) has been added to our download portfolio:
+ Big-endian AArch64. Enjoy!
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/logo-parisc.png">
+ **PA-RISC**:
+ Weekly stage builds for the hppa architecture (PA-RISC) are back, including systemd images
+ for both hppa-1.1 and hppa-2.0 and an installation CD.
+- **MIPS**: The weekly builds for MIPS are back as well! Here, we can now offer downloads
+ for the o32, n32, and n64 ABI plus multilib stages - and all that for both endianness
+ variants and init systems. No matter what your hardware is, you should find a starting
+ point.
+- **Hardened**: With more and more hardening becoming de-facto standard, the compiler
+ settings in the hardened profiles have been tightened again
+ to include additional experimental switches. In particular, in Gentoo Hardened, gcc
+ and clang both now default to *_FORTIFY_SOURCE=3* and enabled *stack-clash-protection*.
+### Packages
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/logo-java.png">
+ **Modern Java**:
+ A huge amount of work was done by our Java project to revive the language ecosystem
+ and in particular recent Java versions in Gentoo. Additionally, OpenJDK 11 and OpenJDK 17 were
+ bootstrapped for big-endian ppc64, as well as for x86, riscv, and arm64 with musl as C library, enabling
+ the usage of modern Java on those configurations.
+- **GNU Emacs**:
+ Emacs *ebuild-mode* has seen a flurry of activity in 2022. New features include
+ a new *ebuild-repo-mode*, inserting of user's name and date stamp in package.mask and friends,
+ support for *pkgdev and pkgcheck commands*, support for colors in ebuild command output,
+ and a major refactoring of the code for *keyword highlighting*.
+ Additionally, there's [flycheck-pkgcheck](https://xgqt.gitlab.io/blog/20220806-pkgcheck-flycheck.html)
+ for on-the-fly linting and
+ [company-ebuild](https://packages.gentoo.org/packages/app-emacs/company-ebuild)
+ for automatic completion.
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/logo-coq.png">
+ **Mathematics**: The *sci-mathematics* category has grown with the addition of
+ theorem provers such as *lean*, *yices2*, *cadabra*, or *picosat*.
+ Further, the Coq Proof Assistant ecosystem support has been improved with new
+ [Coq](https://coq.inria.fr/) versions, Emacs support via company-coq, and packages
+ such as *coq-mathcomp*, *coq-serapi*, *flocq*, *gappalib-coq* ...
+- **Alternatives**:
+ Many base system utilities exist in different flavours that are more or less drop-in
+ replacements. One example of this is the compressor *bzip2*, with *lbzip2* and *pbzip2* as
+ parallelizing alternatives; another *tar*, which exists both as *gtar* (GNU tar) and as
+ *bsdtar* in libarchive. With [alternatives](https://www.gentoo.org/support/news-items/2022-12-27-alternatives-introduction.html)
+ we now have a clean system in place to use either of these options as default program
+ via a symlinked binary.
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/logo-racket.png">
+ **Racket**: An [ongoing project](https://gentoo-racket.gitlab.io/About.html) aims to bring
+ first-class support for [Racket](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racket_(programming_language)),
+ a modern dialect of Lisp and a descendant of Scheme, and the Racket language ecosystem to Gentoo.
+- <b><a href="https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Python">Python</a>:</b>
+ In the meantime the default Python version in Gentoo has reached Python 3.10. Additionally we have
+ also Python 3.11 available stable, which means we're fully up to date with upstream.
+ Gentoo testing provides the alpha releases of Phython 3.12, so we can easily prepare for
+ what comes next.
+### Physical and Software Infrastructure
+- **Hardware**: Our infrastructure team has set up two beefy new servers as [Ganeti](https://ganeti.org/)
+ nodes hosted at [OSUOSL](https://osuosl.org/), with 2x AMD EPYC 7543, 1TiB RAM, 22TiB NVME, and 25Gbit networking each.
+ These will provide virtual machines for various services in the future. A new 1/10/25Gbit switch was also added
+ to better support new and existing servers.
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/logo-gitlab.png">
+ **Gitlab**:
+ We are now running an experimental self-hosted [Gitlab](https://about.gitlab.com/)
+ instance, [gitlab.gentoo.org](https://gitlab.gentoo.org/). It will slowly take over and serve more and
+ more git repositories.
+- **Pkgcore**:
+ Building on existing coding efforts, an official [Gentoo PkgCore project](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:PkgCore)
+ was created to improve this set of [QA and commit tools](https://pkgcore.github.io/pkgcore/)
+ for Gentoo developers. Repoman was deprecated and removed from the Portage code base, and
+ pkgcheck, part of PkgCore, has become the official QA tool for commits to the main Gentoo
+ repository. It is also the code running our automated continuous integration system.
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/tattoo.jpg">
+ **Tattoo**: The new *tattoo* arch testing system now manages and automates large parts of
+ the architecture testing process. This has simplified and streamlined the stabilization process,
+ shortening developer response times and "saving" arch stabilization.
+- **Devmanual**: The [Gentoo Development Manual](https://devmanual.gentoo.org/) has seen major
+ improvements in 2022. More documentation is good!
+### Finances of the Gentoo Foundation
+- <img align="right" height="75" style="margin-left: 30px;" src="https://www.gentoo.org/assets/img/news/2023/dollar.jpg">
+ **Income**: The Gentoo Foundation took in approximately $16,500 in fiscal year 2022;
+ the majority (over 90%) were individual cash donations from the community.
+- **Expenses**: Our expenses in 2022 were, as split into the usual three categories,
+ *operating expenses* (for services, fees, ...) $11,000, *capital expenses* (for bought
+ assets) $55,000 (servers, networking gear, SSDs, ...), and *depreciation expenses*
+ (value loss of existing assets) $9,500.
+- **Balance**: We have about $97,000 in the bank as of July 1, 2022 (which is when
+ our fiscal year 2022 ends for accounting purposes). The draft finanical report
+ for 2022 is [available on the Gentoo Wiki](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Foundation:Gentoo_Foundation_Finances_FY2022).
+## Thank you!
+Our end of year review of course cannot cover everything that happened in Gentoo in 2022
+in detail, and if you look closely you will find much more.
+**We would like to thank all Gentoo developers and all who have submitted contributions
+for their relentless everyday Gentoo work.** As a volunteer project, Gentoo could not exist
+without them.
+And now let's look forward to the new year 2023, with hopefully less unpleasant surprises
+than the last one!