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* downloads/ppc: add ppc32 musl linkGeorgy Yakovlev10 days1-0/+1
* downloads/ppc: add ppc64-systemd stage linkGeorgy Yakovlev2021-07-241-0/+1
* Add warning about musl overlay, re-arrange and unify layoutAndreas K. Hüttel2021-07-201-8/+17
* downloads/ppc: layoutAndreas K. Hüttel2021-07-181-12/+13
* downloads/ppc: minor fixupsAndreas K. Hüttel2021-07-181-4/+6
* downloads/ppc: add CPU compatibility noteGeorgy Yakovlev2021-07-181-0/+9
* downloads/ppc: add -openrc suffix to remaining stages.Georgy Yakovlev2021-07-171-2/+2
* downloads: allow more than one "minimal" iso per archAndreas K. Hüttel2021-07-161-2/+2
* _includes/downloads/ppc.html: add new ppc stagesGeorgy Yakovlev2021-07-161-3/+5
* ppc: improve wordingAndreas K. Hüttel2021-07-121-1/+1
* ppc: add link to the hybrid isoAndreas K. Hüttel2021-07-121-1/+2
* ppc: add links as requested by gyakovlevAndreas K. Hüttel2021-07-121-2/+8
* Download page: explicitly tag "openrc" where that is usedAndreas K. Hüttel2021-01-231-3/+3
* downloads/ppc.html: Add details linksMatt Turner2020-04-031-1/+8
* downloads/ppc.html: Add ppc64le download linkMatt Turner2019-01-051-1/+2
* downloads/ppc.html: Replace userland links for ppc64 with stage3-ppc64 linksMikle Kolyada2018-09-191-2/+1
* Sentence case migration.Matthew Marchese2017-07-271-6/+6
* Initial versionAlex Legler2015-04-021-0/+12