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* Remove old packages which are now in main tree.HEADmasterlayman2018-01-216-46/+14
* clean up repo, add linode-longview and rcmAlex Cepoi2015-04-288-44/+58
* deleted nailer (use ffmpegthumbnailer)Alexandru Cepoi2011-12-263-26/+4
* fix tilda dependenciesAlexandru Cepoi2011-09-241-2/+2
* deleted miro; updated tildaAlexandru Cepoi2011-05-154-54/+10
* miro and shellinaboxAlexandru Cepoi2011-05-054-1/+67
* remove packages already in portageAlexandru Cepoi2010-10-1715-330/+0
* bump mono-addins to 0.5Alexandru Cepoi2010-06-012-0/+44
* bump glade-sharp, gtk-dotnet-sharp and monodevelopAlexandru Cepoi2010-06-019-6/+72
* bump gtk-sharp to 2.12.10Alexandru Cepoi2010-06-017-1/+133
* add webkit-sharp-0.3Alexandru Cepoi2010-05-292-0/+44
* fix monodevelop dependenciesAlexandru Cepoi2010-05-172-2/+24
* add monodevelop-2.3 (2.4 beta1)Alexandru Cepoi2010-05-151-0/+22
* general cleanup (fix some repoman errors)Alexandru Cepoi2010-04-191-1/+1
* add metadataAlexandru Cepoi2010-04-182-0/+44