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* x11-misc/synergy: Add ebuild with support for qt5Joao Carreira2017-07-086-0/+208
* Fix overlay problems: missing metadata, missing patches for opencv, etc.Joao Carreira2014-12-083-182/+0
* Update overlay based on kde overlay layout.confJoao Carreira2014-11-251-5/+0
* Add missing patchesJoao Carreira2014-11-043-0/+88
* Add synergy 1.4.12Joao Carreira2014-11-042-0/+99
* Remove x11-misc/sddmJoao Carreira2014-10-192-75/+0
* Improve ktikz-9999 ebuild which fix wrong kde5 function and add manifest to s...Joao Carreira2014-10-111-0/+2
* Add ebuild to sddm-9999-r1Joao Carreira2014-10-102-0/+73