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* cryfs: add to tree with patchesHEADmasterNicholas Fish2017-08-158-0/+275
* crypto++: Add ebuild which will build on muslNicholas Fish2017-08-136-0/+181
* qtnetwork: removeNicholas Fish2017-05-217-291/+0
* nvidia-drivers: bump and add patch to exclude dbusNicholas Fish2017-04-174-571/+34
* btrfs-progs: in-tree version worksNicholas Fish2017-04-054-206/+0
* weston: Add weston.ini to /etcNicholas Fish2017-03-302-1/+4
* Finish rb_libtorrent -> libtorrent-rasterbar, trim delugeNicholas Fish2017-03-3019-615/+1
* rb_libtorrent -> libtorrent-rasterbarNicholas Fish2017-03-304-0/+0
* libidn2: git revision c6227eea564123d5c11a84847f0266754e0b3888 buildsNicholas Fish2017-03-263-0/+68
* btrfs-progs: Bump from in-tree versionNicholas Fish2017-03-254-0/+206
* deluge: Add with dependency on rb_libtorrent, which is newer than that availa...Nicholas Fish2017-03-2517-0/+506
* weston: Add time.h includeNicholas Fish2017-03-163-25/+31
* efitools: Regenerate oid.h includeNicholas Fish2017-03-163-2/+34
* Add musl-tolerating Adobe Flash packageNicholas Fish2017-03-164-64/+15
* efitools: Add to tree with fix to regenerate include file bringing in types.h...Nicholas Fish2017-02-283-0/+39
* Add hacked x11-libs/vte:0.28 ebuild implementing workarounds suggested in Gen...Nicholas Fish2017-02-187-0/+403
* Add musl-tolerating Adobe Flash packageNicholas Fish2017-02-172-7/+7
* Add nvidia-drivers 378.13 ebuild that permits merge on musl system, though th...Nicholas Fish2017-02-172-0/+566
* boost: version bump (with LibreSSL patch)Nicholas Fish2017-02-028-216/+145
* sci-libs/libqalculate-0.9.10: add with patch to include time.hNicholas Fish2017-01-214-0/+134
* Add nvidia-drivers 378.09 ebuild that permits merge on musl system, though th...Nicholas Fish2017-01-183-21/+7
* Create README.mdNicholas Fish2017-01-181-0/+6
* Merge branch 'master' into muslNicholas Fish2017-01-180-0/+0
| * verity USE flag in cryptsetup of little usefulness -- still requires udev lib...Nicholas Fish2015-12-128-1609/+0
| * Add verity USE flag to cryptsetup-1.7.0 ebuildNicholas Fish2015-12-128-0/+1609
| * Update Manifest for phantomjs-2.0.0-r99Nicholas Fish2015-07-121-1/+1
| * Change phantomjs to r99 just to be on the safe side in case official versions...Nicholas Fish2015-07-121-0/+0
| * Add (what I hope will be a) gstreamer-less phantomjs ebuildNicholas Fish2015-07-124-0/+105
| * Add watchman 3.3 releaseNicholas Fish2015-07-122-0/+49
| * Merge app-misc/watchman ebuild from https://github.com/maarons/overlayNicholas Fish2015-07-125-0/+201
| |\
| | * watchman-3.0.0Marek Sapota2015-01-142-0/+49
| | * watchman-2.9.3Marek Sapota2013-12-222-0/+50
| | * Add watchman 2.8.2Marek Sapota2013-08-102-0/+50
| | * watchman-2.7Marek Sapota2013-07-063-53/+2
| | * Force -j1 for watchmanMarek Sapota2013-06-023-2/+6
| | * Add watchman ebuildMarek Sapota2013-06-023-0/+99
| * Fix bad Manifest for nouveau-9999 ebuildNicholas Fish2015-06-101-1/+1
| * Patch git version of nouveau drivers to configure for glamorNicholas Fish2015-06-103-4/+4
| * Update libdrm dependency for xf86-video-nouveau-9999 to 2.4.60Nicholas Fish2015-06-072-2/+2
| * Set xf86-video-nouveau to unstable and comment glamour patchNicholas Fish2015-06-072-4/+5
| * Add 9999 version of xf86-video-nouveauNicholas Fish2015-06-075-0/+497
* | Bump musl-compatible Adobe Flash ebuild to Fish2017-01-162-5/+5
* | Remove dev-python/setproctitle ebuild, as this is covered by main Gentoo treeNicholas Fish2017-01-153-58/+0
* | Add musl-tolerating Adobe Flash packageNicholas Fish2016-12-184-242/+160
* | Add nvidia-drivers 375.26 ebuild that permits merge on musl system, though th...Nicholas Fish2016-12-187-117/+102
* | Add musl-tolerating Adobe Flash ebuild (requires sys-libs/libc6-...Nicholas Fish2016-10-292-4/+4
* | Add a couple patches to muslNicholas Fish2016-10-204-34/+127
* | Add patch to enable programs making use of Boost.Asio >=1.62.0 to build again...Nicholas Fish2016-10-1513-112/+317
* | Add musl-1.1.15 ebuild with a patch to add Felix Janda's pthread_setname_np()...Nicholas Fish2016-09-1711-0/+1651
* | Add dev-libs/weston-9999 ebuild for pulling latest from freedesktop git, comp...Nicholas Fish2016-09-164-46/+64