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* add ekhoHoang Minh Thang2012-07-182-0/+21
* add festival and festival-htsHoang Minh Thang2012-07-1726-0/+4850
* remove tucanHoang Minh Thang2012-07-17104-111/+4
* add freeseerHoang Minh Thang2012-07-172-0/+39
* fix leptonica libHoang Minh Thang2012-07-171-0/+54
* add desmumeHoang Minh Thang2012-07-1711-0/+324
* remove xmindHoang Minh Thang2012-07-178-214/+0
* funHoang Minh Thang2012-07-176-0/+0
* remove gnoteHoang Minh Thang2012-07-174-151/+0
* clean upHoang Minh Thang2012-03-205-205/+0
* Some new appsHoang Minh Thang2012-03-2029-1447/+107
* b2uconverter to 10.02; calibre 0.8.41Hoang Minh Thang2012-02-255-3/+257
* update b2u, do some cleanupHoang Minh Thang2012-02-2429-1986/+10
* posterazorHoang Minh Thang2012-02-194-2/+38
* diffimg slideshoq ipeHoang Minh Thang2012-02-196-0/+136
* freeimage-lib ane gnormalizeHoang Minh Thang2012-02-194-0/+151
* tupiHoang Minh Thang2012-02-1436-112/+4394
* tupi-0.1Hoang Minh Thang2012-02-0846-8/+3061
* many new apps: bino, openshot, umplayer, networkmanager, performous,Hoang Minh Thang2012-02-0619-7/+1102
* synfigstudio-0.63.03Hoang Minh Thang2012-02-024-0/+81
* sfk-1.6.4Hoang Minh Thang2012-02-012-0/+28
* gnote-0.7.6Hoang Minh Thang2012-02-014-0/+151
* performousHoang Minh Thang2012-02-017-1/+487
* papagayo-1.1Hoang Minh Thang2012-02-013-6/+16
* espeakedit-1.46.02Hoang Minh Thang2012-02-0116-0/+946
* b2uconverter v10.01.4Hoang Minh Thang2012-01-281-1/+1
* b2uconverter v10.01.4Hoang Minh Thang2012-01-282-3/+2
* b2uconverter v10.01.4Hoang Minh Thang2012-01-2831-2/+719
* Add b2uconverterHoang Minh Thang2011-12-263-0/+26
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Minh Thang2011-12-090-0/+0
| * First commit ;>Hoang Minh Thang2011-12-091-0/+1
* Repo nameHoang Minh Thang2011-12-091-0/+1
* myspell dictthang2011-12-092-0/+22