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* dev-db/mysql-5.5.38-r1: revbumpGregory M. Tuner2014-06-122-2/+2
* dev-db/mysql-5.5.37-r2: EAPI5Gregory M. Tuner2014-06-052-2/+2
* dev-db/mysql: duplicate upstream's move from live to explicitly versioned tar...Gregory M. Tuner2014-05-062-2/+5
* dev-db/mysql-5.5.37-r2: revbump to keep ahead of upstream version (no changes)Gregory M. Tuner2014-04-282-1/+1
* dev-db/mysql-5.5.37-r1: revbump/merge (from mysql overlay)Gregory M. Tuner2014-04-243-14/+13
* Remove more ebuilds multilibutized upstreamGregory M. Tuner2014-03-0712-2515/+0
* dev-db/sqlite: update manifest (oops)Gregory M. Tuner2014-01-011-1/+1
* dev-db/sqlite: merge gx86 version bump; parallelizeGregory M. Tuner2014-01-012-6/+17
* dev-db/mysql: rebase to mysql-overlay versionsGregory M. Tuner2013-12-204-328/+283
* dev-db/mysql: As a proof-of-concept, reimplement mysql-cmake-multilib to resp...Gregory M. Tuner2013-12-052-3/+3
* new ebuild: dev-db/mysql-5.5.32-r1Gregory M. Tuner2013-12-0510-0/+1249
* dev-db/sqlite: sync with upstreamGregory M. Tuner2013-11-2312-0/+2504