Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* kde-base/pykde-4.13.2-r1: revbumpGregory M. Tuner2014-06-224-10/+65
* pykde4: revbump to 4.13.1-r1, merge, generate new sip-4.15.5 compatibility pa...Gregory M. Tuner2014-05-146-194/+39
* kde-base/pykde4-4.13.0-r1: fix #506452-type issueGregory M. Tuner2014-04-253-1/+18
* drop kde-base/cantor as upstream no longer has python dependency and version ...Gregory M. Tuner2014-04-244-637/+0
* kde-base/pykde4-4.{12.4,13.0}-r1: revbump/mergeGregory M. Tuner2014-04-244-2/+399
* kde-base/pykde4-4.12.3-r1: revbump, mergeGregory M. Tuner2014-03-083-168/+3
* kde-base/pykde4: use einstalldocs instead of base_src_install_docs -- the lat...Gregory M. Tuner2014-01-242-2/+2
* kde-base/pykde-4.12.1-r1: merge multilib python header findingGregory M. Tuner2014-01-242-2/+4
* kde-base/pykde4: clone upstream 4.12.1-r1Gregory M. Tuner2014-01-242-0/+163
* kde-base/krosspython: can be removed now that eclass fix is inGregory M. Tuner2014-01-245-802/+0
* kde-base/krosspython-4.12.1-r1: upstream clone 4.12.1-r1Gregory M. Tuner2014-01-242-0/+26
* kde-base/cantor: inherit python-single-r1 in order to implement mutlilib pyth...Gregory M. Tuner2014-01-162-2/+5
* kde-base/cantor: clone upstreamGregory M. Tuner2014-01-164-0/+634
* kde-base/krosspython: multilib python header supportGregory M. Tuner2014-01-162-2/+3
* kde-base/krosspython: clone upstream ebuildGregory M. Tuner2014-01-164-0/+775
* kde-base/pykde4: add multilib python header supportGregory M. Tuner2014-01-162-17/+3
* kde-base/pykde4: clone upstream ebuildGregory M. Tuner2014-01-166-0/+1288