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app-portage/eix, app-shells/zshrc-mv: Version bumps
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@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ app-eselect/eselect-net 0.2-r1: eselect module for managing network open-rc serv
app-misc/knapsack 7.3: A fast solver for the 0/1-knapsack problem with multiple knapsacks
app-misc/machine-learning-mv 1.3: Some machine learning experiments
app-portage/changelog-gitrepo 1.1: Create ChangeLog data for gentoo repositories from git
-app-portage/eix 0.34.9 0.34.10_alpha20201003 99999999: Search and query ebuilds
+app-portage/eix 0.34.10 99999999: Search and query ebuilds
app-portage/etcat 1.0.2 99999999: Updated version of an old Portage information extractor
app-portage/find_cruft 5.2: find cruft files not managed by portage
app-portage/getdelta 0.7.9-r2: dynamic deltup client
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ app-shells/set_prompt 3.2: An intelligent prompt for zsh or bash with status lin
app-shells/termcolors-mv 4.8: 256colors sample script and dircolors configuration for standard or 256 colors
app-shells/zsh-autosuggestions 0.6.4 99999999: Fish-like autosuggestions for zsh
app-shells/zsh-syntax-highlighting 99999999: Fish shell like syntax highlighting for zsh
-app-shells/zshrc-mv 6.1: A zshrc file initializing zsh specific interactive features
+app-shells/zshrc-mv 6.2: A zshrc file initializing zsh specific interactive features
app-text/ispell 3.3.02-r1 3.4.00: fast screen-oriented spelling checker
app-text/lesspipe 1.85 99999999: Wolfgang Friebel's preprocessor for sys-apps/less. Disable by appending colon
app-text/mbtpdfasm 1.0.28-r1: Tool to assemble/merge, extract information from, and update the metadata in PDF