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sys-apps/less: Version bump
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@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ sci-geosciences/googleearth 7.3.2-r2: A 3D interface
sci-mathematics/genius 1.0.21: Genius Mathematics Tool and the GEL Language
sci-mathematics/reduce 20141130-r2: A general-purpose computer algebra system
sys-apps/cpi 3.1: A wrapper for cp -i -a, making use of diff
-sys-apps/less 550: Excellent text file viewer, optionally with additional selection feature
+sys-apps/less 551: Excellent text file viewer, optionally with additional selection feature
sys-apps/openrc-wrapper 2.3-r1: Use openrc init scripts with systemd or other init systems
sys-apps/paxopen 1.2: A wrapper script to set PAX kernel variables to an insecure/safe state
sys-apps/schedule 8.0-r1: script to schedule jobs in a multiuser multitasking environment