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app-arch/archwrap: Version bump. Fix extension created by pd
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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ app-accessibility/gespeaker 0.8.6-r2 0.8.6_p0: A GTK+ frontend for espeak
app-admin/checksec 1.7.5 99999999: Tool to check properties of executables (e.g. ASLR/PIE, RELRO, PaX, Canaries)
app-admin/flexlm 9.5-r2: Macrovision FLEXlm license manager and utils
app-admin/sudox 9.0.1: wrapper for sudo which can pass X authority data and deal with screen and tmux
-app-arch/archwrap 4.2: A collection of POSIX shell scripts to invoke archiver programs
+app-arch/archwrap 4.3: A collection of POSIX shell scripts to invoke archiver programs
app-arch/bzwc 3.00: A POSIX shell wrapper for wc, supporting compressed files (xz, lzma, bz2, gz)
app-arch/paq8l 20070308: Open source file compressor and archiver
app-dicts/ispell-de 20161207: German and Swiss dictionaries for ispell