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parentapp-shells/termcolors-mv: Support lz4 variants (diff)
app-portage/logclean: Version bump. Support lz4
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ app-portage/etcat 1.0.1 99999999: Updated version of an old Portage information
app-portage/find_cruft 4.0.0: find cruft files not managed by portage
app-portage/gentoolkit 0.4.0-r1 9999: Collection of administration scripts for Gentoo
app-portage/getdelta 0.7.9-r2: dynamic deltup client
-app-portage/logclean 15.0.2: Keep only (compressed) logs of installed packages and cleanup emerge.log
+app-portage/logclean 16.0.0: Keep only (compressed) logs of installed packages and cleanup emerge.log
app-portage/mirrorselect 2.2.2-r2: Tool to help select distfiles mirrors for Gentoo
app-portage/overlint 0.5.3: Simple tool for static analysis of overlays
app-portage/portage-bashrc-mv 14.5: Provide support for /etc/portage/bashrc.d and /etc/portage/package.cflags