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sys-apps/man virtual/man: Add upate of version removed from gentoo repository
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@@ -196,6 +196,7 @@ sys-apps/less:less-select - Add the less-select feature (additional options and
sys-apps/less:lesspipe - Default to from app-text/lesspipe instead of the gentoo specific lesspipe.
sys-apps/less:original-gentoo - Use the gentoo default for the LESS variable.
sys-apps/less:source - Install sources for keybindings (only useful with less-select).
+sys-apps/man:cache - Use cache directory. Superfluous on modern machines
sys-block/parted:debug - Enable debugging as encouraged by upstream: [The default configuration] includes --enable-debug (by default), which contains many assertions. Obviously, these "waste" space, but in the past, they have caught potentially dangerous bugs before they would have done damage, so we think it's worth it. Also, it means we get more bug reports ;)
sys-block/parted:device-mapper - Enable device-mapper support from sys-fs/lvm2 in parted
sys-block/parted:standalone - Install a standalone version which provides all headers and binaries which collide with sys-block/parted:0. If this flag is not set, sys-block/parted:0 is pulled in to provide the non-installed headers and binaries.