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@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ net-print/foo2zjs 20160722: Support for printing to ZjStream-based printers
sci-mathematics/genius 1.0.21: Genius Mathematics Tool and the GEL Language
sci-mathematics/reduce 20141130-r1: A general-purpose computer algebra system
sys-apps/cpi 2.15: A wrapper for cp -i -a, making use of diff
-sys-apps/less 487 494: Excellent text file viewer, optionally with additional selection feature
+sys-apps/less 487 497: Excellent text file viewer, optionally with additional selection feature
sys-apps/openrc-wrapper 2.1: Use openrc init scripts with systemd or other init systems
sys-apps/paxopen 1.2: A wrapper script to set PAX kernel variables to an insecure/safe state
sys-apps/schedule 7.5.4: script to schedule jobs in a multiuser multitasking environment
diff --git a/sys-apps/less/Manifest b/sys-apps/less/Manifest
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@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
DIST less-487.tar.gz 318488 SHA256 f3dc8455cb0b2b66e0c6b816c00197a71bf6d1787078adeee0bcf2aea4b12706
-DIST less-494.tar.gz 320397 SHA256 02a476dccd12e1b76e5d91259cba5dac1b8c8e5a730465c1c89c798b19741509
+DIST less-497.tar.gz 321341 SHA256 3a8260a485f85a8aada748559cc42d6e8261325fbcb7d32fff6e60ac837b3ff2
DIST less-select-2.6.tar.gz 26354 SHA256 df4ab8f17568cabd864358e5f0a765241f586b8c30341116a649db91db9048bf
diff --git a/sys-apps/less/less-494.ebuild b/sys-apps/less/less-497.ebuild
index ba5510a0..ba5510a0 100644
--- a/sys-apps/less/less-494.ebuild
+++ b/sys-apps/less/less-497.ebuild