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-This version of less comes with some Gentoo enhancements:
- - default script to "view" files
- - colorization support
-To see what file types are supported, just read the /usr/bin/
-script (it's just a plain text bash script).
-Colorization support is disabled by default. To enable it, export the
-LESSCOLOR variable to "yes":
- $ export LESSCOLOR=yes
-We also provide a colorization script, 'code2color', that is used by
-default. If you wish to use another script, simply export the LESSCOLORIZER
-variable to name of the script:
- $ export LESSCOLORIZER=some-other-script
-If you want to use the code2color script and the default color schemes are
-not acceptable, you can develop your own schemes and save them in one of
-the following places:
- /etc/code2color
- ~/.code2color
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>70less || die
doenvd 70less
- dodoc "${FILESDIR}"/README.Gentoo
if use less-select
then newdoc "${SELECTDIR}"/README README.less-select
dobin "${SELECTDIR}/bin/"*