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-rw-r--r--games-rpg/m5figur-mv/m5figur-mv-4.1.5.ebuild (renamed from games-rpg/m5figur-mv/m5figur-mv-4.1.4.ebuild)2
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-DIST m5figur-mv-4.1.4.tar.gz 22578 SHA512 b47ecc88e6a69fe9e17352160a2fd802b3c0d9a0cc496cd375262eb328db683b2b7b6d4ae446b1c274adf8bedea9b30392adc1ea9e9ec547e14a60ea60fa2bc3
+DIST m5figur-mv-4.1.5.tar.gz 23165 SHA512 37c666d5c08373741b04bfbec4e849053a8be2568a24c6bc3c02132569f67231b2c786aa98921e3852f269ed4380b2d880ad4cd194876efac03e98fb25ae0fed
diff --git a/games-rpg/m5figur-mv/m5figur-mv-4.1.4.ebuild b/games-rpg/m5figur-mv/m5figur-mv-4.1.5.ebuild
index cb88c0b5..af7a599e 100644
--- a/games-rpg/m5figur-mv/m5figur-mv-4.1.4.ebuild
+++ b/games-rpg/m5figur-mv/m5figur-mv-4.1.5.ebuild
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-# Copyright 2014-2019 Martin V\"ath
+# Copyright 2014-2020 Martin V\"ath
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
diff --git a/metadata/pkg_desc_index b/metadata/pkg_desc_index
index e44000c6..d7cabad0 100644
--- a/metadata/pkg_desc_index
+++ b/metadata/pkg_desc_index
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ games-engines/freesci 0.6.4-r1: Sierra script interpreter for your old Sierra ad
games-puzzle/fish-fillets 1.0.1-r1: Underwater puzzle game - find a safe way out
games-rpg/aklabeth 1.0-r1: A remake of Richard C. Garriott's Ultima prequel
games-rpg/dsa-stats 1.0: calculate stat probabalities for the role playing game DSA - Das schwarze Auge
-games-rpg/m5figur-mv 4.1.4: LaTeX2e character sheet layout for the Midgard Role Playing Game (Edition M5)
+games-rpg/m5figur-mv 4.1.5: LaTeX2e character sheet layout for the Midgard Role Playing Game (Edition M5)
media-gfx/ipe 7.2.7: Drawing editor for creating figures in PDF or PS formats
media-gfx/pqiv 2.11: powerful GTK based command-line image viewer with a minimal UI
media-libs/avidemux-core 2.7.4-r1: Core libraries for simple video cutting, filtering and encoding tasks