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-rw-r--r--app-shells/push/push-3.2.ebuild (renamed from app-shells/push/push-3.1-r4.ebuild)2
3 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
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index ddc8b35d..d8302b51 100644
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-DIST push-3.1.tar.gz 2739 SHA512 d79d65c8a03b4ea5071594187a9d5eab253e163a930b5f8c37a7dc62f27da6372afac72f2eea5c845d6b1460ccbb65e1fe9d3ec76e3a731eebbf899978c36816
+DIST push-3.2.tar.gz 2756 SHA512 58d281a6720741a619354fe3964440ae6c24c402337a13efc552d2104a4ce2a0246926d35f6a02633cb927a18119aa607b6862465c763d19d81da9d0e9529f93
diff --git a/app-shells/push/push-3.1-r4.ebuild b/app-shells/push/push-3.2.ebuild
index 865ec04c..a16370d1 100644
--- a/app-shells/push/push-3.1-r4.ebuild
+++ b/app-shells/push/push-3.2.ebuild
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-# Copyright 2012-2019 Martin V\"ath
+# Copyright 2012-2020 Martin V\"ath
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
diff --git a/metadata/pkg_desc_index b/metadata/pkg_desc_index
index a97c2e18..0a49bb9f 100644
--- a/metadata/pkg_desc_index
+++ b/metadata/pkg_desc_index
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ app-shells/auto-fu-zsh 99999999: zsh automatic complete-
app-shells/dash 99999999: Descendant of the NetBSD ash. POSIX compliant except for multibyte characters
app-shells/fast-syntax-highlighting 1.5.5 99999999: Optimized and extended zsh-syntax-highlighting
app-shells/oh-my-zsh 99999999: A ready-to-use zsh configuration with plugins
-app-shells/push 3.1-r4: A POSIX shell function to treat a variable like an array, quoting args
+app-shells/push 3.2: A POSIX shell function to treat a variable like an array, quoting args
app-shells/quoter 4.1-r1: Quote arguments or standard input for usage in POSIX shell by eval
app-shells/runtitle 2.10: Scripts to run commands and set the hard status line (windows title)
app-shells/schily-tools 2020.05.11: Many tools from Joerg Schilling, including a POSIX compliant Bourne Shell