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@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ www-plugins/classic-theme-restorer Firefox legacy add-on: restore parti
www-plugins/decentraleyes 2.0.1: Firefox webextension: avoid centralized services
www-plugins/duckduckgo 1.1.26 2017.12.7: Firefox webextension: enable duckduckgo search engine
www-plugins/epubreader 2.0.5-r2: Firefox webextension: read ebook (.epub) files
-www-plugins/form-history-control Firefox webextension: edit the saved history of forms
+www-plugins/form-history-control 2.3.0: Firefox webextension: edit the saved history of forms
www-plugins/google-translation 2.6: Firefox webextension: translate to your native language a selected text
www-plugins/https-everywhere 2017.12.6: Firefox webextension: force https for all websites of a provided list
www-plugins/locale-switcher 3-r2: Firefox legacy add-on: button to switch GUI locale