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@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ media-gfx/pqiv 2.8.5: powerful GTK based command-line image viewer with a minima
media-libs/avidemux-core 2.6.20-r1 2.7.0: Core libraries for media-video/avidemux
media-libs/avidemux-plugins 2.6.20 2.7.0: Plugins for media-video/avidemux
media-tv/nvtv 0.4.7-r3: TV-Out for NVidia cards
-media-tv/sundtek-tv 170805.015349-r1: Sundtek MediaTV Pro III Drivers
+media-tv/sundtek-tv 170830.143825: Sundtek MediaTV Pro III Drivers
media-video/avidemux 2.6.20 2.7.0-r1: Video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks
media-video/avinfo 1.0_alpha15_p1: Utility for displaying AVI information
media-video/video-mv 11.1: Frontends for using mplayer/mencoder, ffmpeg/libav, or tzap as video recorder