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@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ www-plugins/form-history-control <firefox-57 add-on: edit the saved
www-plugins/google-translation 2.6: Firefox webextension: translate to your native language a selected text
www-plugins/locale-switcher 3-r2: <firefox-57 add-on: button to switch GUI locale
www-plugins/no-color 0.9.1: Firefox webextension: remove colors and background images from the page
-www-plugins/noscript 5.1.2: <firefox-57 add-on: restrict active contents like java/javascript/flash
+www-plugins/noscript 5.1.4: <firefox-57 add-on: restrict active contents like java/javascript/flash
www-plugins/requestpolicy 0.5.28-r2: <firefox-57 add-on: control cross-site requests (increases privacy/security)
www-plugins/stylus Firefox webextension: install themes and skins for many popular sites
www-plugins/translate-to-me 1.1: Firefox webextension: translate the selected text with