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@@ -125,6 +125,22 @@ app-text/stardict:wikiparse - Enable plugin to parse dictionaries in wikimedia f
app-text/stardict:wordnet - Enable wordnet plugin to find similar English words using lexical database
app-text/stardict:xdxfparse - Enable plugin to parse dictionaries in xdxf (XML Dictionary eXchange Format)
app-text/stardict:youdaodict - Enable network plugin (for Chinese language)
+dev-libs/weston:colord - Allow setting color managment
+dev-libs/weston:drm - Enable drm compositor support
+dev-libs/weston:editor - Install wayland-editor example application
+dev-libs/weston:fbdev - Enable fbdev compositor support
+dev-libs/weston:gles2 - Use GLESv2 cairo instead of full GL
+dev-libs/weston:headless - Headless backend and a noop renderer, mainly for testing purposes
+dev-libs/weston:ivi - Enable the IVI shell
+dev-libs/weston:launch - Install weston-launch utility
+dev-libs/weston:rdp - Enable Remote Desktop Protocol compositor support
+dev-libs/weston:resize-optimization - Increase performance, allocate more RAM. Recommended to disable on Raspberry Pi
+dev-libs/weston:rpi - Raspberry Pi GPU support
+dev-libs/weston:screen-sharing - Enable screen-sharing through RDP
+dev-libs/weston:unwind - Enable libunwind usage for backtraces
+dev-libs/weston:wayland-compositor - Enable Wayland compositor support
+dev-libs/weston:webp - Add support for the WebP image format
+dev-libs/weston:xwayland - Enable ability support native X11 applications
games-board/chessproblem:debug - Build with upstream's CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS for debugging support; not recommended for normal use.
games-board/chessproblem:multithreading - Install multithreading version
games-board/chessproblem:optimization - Accept upstream's choices for CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS for optimization. Absense of this USE flag does not strip user's *FLAGS