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# sys-fs/squash_dir is no longer maintained. Use instead the successor project
# sys-fs/squashmount (or sys-apps/openrc-wrapper for the openrc-wrapper script)
+# Martin Väth <> (03 Jan 2016)
+# net-dns/noip-updater does not use https for transferring user sensitive data,
+# see bug #261194. So install only if you are aware about the security risk.
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@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ media-gfx/pqiv:gtk2 - Use gtk:2 instead of gtk:3
media-tv/sundtek-tv:ld-preload-env - Install LD_PRELOAD in /etc/env.d/50sundtek-tv
media-tv/sundtek-tv:ld-preload-file - Install /etc/
media-tv/sundtek-tv:pax_kernel - Mark package which is necessary if you use a PAX kernel
+net-dns/noip-updater:ezipupd - Use user/group ezipupd instead of nobody: Useful if you restrict outgoing network traffic for user nobody
net-misc/sshstart:keychain - Pull in keychain as dependency. Not required, but recommended for smoother operation.
sys-apps/less:less-select - Add the less-select feature (additional options and a binary helper).
sys-apps/less:lesspipe - Use sys-apps/lesspipe instead of Gentoo's default