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@@ -313,23 +313,6 @@ sys-power/nut:ups_drivers_tripplitesu - Driver for Tripp-Lite SmartOnline (SU) U
sys-power/nut:ups_drivers_upscode2 - Driver for UPScode II compatible UPS equipment
sys-power/nut:ups_drivers_usbhid-ups - Driver for USB/HID UPS equipment
sys-power/nut:ups_drivers_victronups - Driver for IMV/Victron UPS unit Match, Match Lite, NetUps
-www-client/firefox:bindist - Disable official Firefox branding (icons, name) which are not binary-redistributable according to upstream.
-www-client/firefox:custom-optimization - Build with user-specified compiler optimizations (-Os, -O0, -O1, -O2, -O3) from CFLAGS (unsupported)
-www-client/firefox:eme-free - Disable EME (DRM plugin) cabability at build time
-www-client/firefox:gmp-autoupdate - Allow Gecko Media Plugins (binary blobs) to be automatically downloaded and kept up-to-date in user profiles
-www-client/firefox:gtk2 - Use the cairo-gtk2 rendering engine
-www-client/firefox:hwaccel - Force-enable hardware-accelerated rendering (Mozilla bug 594876)
-www-client/firefox:jemalloc - Enable or disable jemalloc
-www-client/firefox:pgo - Add support for profile-guided optimization using gcc-4.5, for faster binaries. This option will double the compile time.
-www-client/firefox:rust - Enable support for using rust compiler (experimental)
-www-client/firefox:screenshot - Allow to disable screenshot extension in global profile
-www-client/firefox:system-cairo - Use the system-wide x11-libs/cairo instead of bundled.
-www-client/firefox:system-harfbuzz - Use the system-wide media-libs/harfbuzz and media-gfx/graphite2 instead of bundled.
-www-client/firefox:system-icu - Use the system-wide dev-libs/icu instead of bundled.
-www-client/firefox:system-jpeg - Use the system-wide media-libs/libjpeg-turbo instead of bundled.
-www-client/firefox:system-libevent - Use the system-wide dev-libs/libevent instead of bundled.
-www-client/firefox:system-libvpx - Use the system-wide media-libs/libvpx instead of bundled.
-www-client/firefox:system-sqlite - Use the system-wide dev-db/sqlite installation with secure-delete enabled
x11-libs/gtk+:adwaita-icon-theme - Force the adwaita-icon-theme
x11-libs/gtk+:atk-bridge - Enable the gtk3-atk-bridge, hard depending on app-accessibility/at-spi2-atk and thus on sys-apps/dbus
x11-libs/gtk+:broadway - Enable the GDK Broadway backend.