Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Minor cleanups/EAPI bumpsMartin Väth2018-05-0712-30/+31
* Use only SHA512 checksums which are forced anyway. Remove unfetchableMartin Väth2017-10-1912-13/+13
* Make repoman happyMartin Väth2017-07-191-2/+2
* app-dicts/ispell-de: Fix ManifestMartin Väth2017-01-071-1/+0
* app-dicts/ispell-de: Version bumpMartin Väth2016-12-212-0/+1
* Remove data which remains in gentoo repositoryMartin Väth2016-12-02111-829/+0
* Shorten ManifestMartin Väth2016-11-2930-30/+30
* stardict: copy from gentoo repository to save from removalMartin Väth2016-11-29120-31/+849
* app-dicts/steak: Copy from gentoo repository to save from removalMartin Väth2016-09-034-0/+76
* Copy/bump ispell and some libs from gentoo repository to save from removalMartin Väth2016-09-036-0/+76
* app-dicts: RESTRICT=fetchMartin Väth2016-08-069-9/+9
* Remove Id lineMartin Väth2016-07-319-9/+0
* Make repoman happyMartin Väth2016-07-109-9/+9
* Follow current metadata.dtdMartin Väth2016-02-149-9/+9
* Update commentsMartin Väth2015-12-299-9/+9
* Bump to EAPI=6Martin Väth2015-11-299-9/+9
* Bump to EAPI=6Martin Väth2015-11-209-54/+18
* Clear history for egencache --repo=mv --update-changelogsMartin Väth2015-10-1127-0/+243