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* Make repoman happyMartin Väth2017-07-102-2/+2
* add some keywords and make repoman happyMartin Väth2017-05-122-3/+3
* Remove arches no longer in gentoo repositoryMartin Väth2017-03-241-2/+2
* Remove Id lineMartin Väth2016-07-312-2/+0
* Make repoman happyMartin Väth2016-07-102-2/+2
* app-text/lesspipe: Default to master branchMartin Väth2016-04-122-0/+2
* app-text/lesspipe: die on errorsMartin Väth2016-04-102-4/+4
* app-text/lesspipe: Add live ebuildMartin Väth2016-04-103-1/+243
* app-text/lesspipe: Add blocker to <sys-apps/less-483-r1Martin Väth2016-04-071-0/+1
* Follow gentoo concerning handling of lesspipeMartin Väth2016-04-073-0/+263