Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* python:3.9 and python:3.10Martin Väth2021-05-071-1/+1
* games-emulation/sdlmame: attempt some fixes. Still fails here...Martin Väth2021-02-063-0/+23
* games-emulation/sdlmame: claim that it works with python3. all: Drop python2Martin Väth2021-02-051-2/+2
* Update copyright (glep-0076)Martin Väth2018-09-233-3/+3
* Minor cleanups/EAPI bumpsMartin Väth2018-05-073-20/+12
* Fix mame dirs, sdlmame compilation, python depsMartin Väth2018-05-015-6/+19
* Avoid /usr/share/gamesMartin Väth2018-04-243-6/+4
* games-emulation/sdlmame: Copy from gentoo and EAPI bump to save from removalMartin Väth2018-03-196-0/+331
* games-emulation/xmame games-emulation/xmess: Credits, update URL, revbumpMartin Väth2018-02-114-10/+10
* games-emulation/xmame: add fix for looping sounds in the ZN-1Franc[e]sco2018-02-112-0/+84
* games-emulation/xmame: fix broken downloadFranc[e]sco2018-02-111-1/+1
* Use only SHA512 checksums which are forced anyway. Remove unfetchableMartin Väth2017-10-192-2/+2
* Remove Id lineMartin Väth2016-07-312-2/+0
* Make repoman happyMartin Väth2016-07-102-2/+2
* Add description of USE=bundled-libsMartin Väth2016-03-062-0/+2
* games-emulation/xmess: Add old gentoo ebuild, bumped to EAPI=6Martin Väth2016-03-064-0/+283
* games-emulation/xmame: Add old gentoo ebuild, bumped to EAPI=6Martin Väth2016-03-063-0/+271