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* Make repoman happy. Remove icecat supportMartin Väth2015-10-111-2/+3
* Bump noscript. Improve magus ebuild (colliding USE-Flags, imagemagick, cleanup)Martin Väth2015-10-111-0/+1
* Remove REQUIRED_USEMartin Väth2015-10-111-4/+3
* Add more upstream metadata. Update squashfs-tools stability to main treeMartin Väth2015-10-111-0/+12
* Add some upstream metadata. Reformat metadataMartin Väth2015-10-111-14/+14
* magus: fix gtkmm dependency; introduce IUSE=pngcrushMartin Väth2015-10-111-0/+1
* www-client/mozilla-firefox -> www-client/firefoxMartin Väth2015-10-111-4/+5
* Add ccache-3.0_pre0. Reformat metadata.xmlMartin Väth2015-10-111-11/+11
* Provide non-live version of magus. The live-version must be unmasked with **Martin Väth2015-10-111-0/+16