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* x11-themes/fvwm-crystal: Honour upstream suggestion, see gentoo bug 499644Martin Väth2016-01-051-0/+3
* net-dns/noip-updater: Copy from gentoo repository to save from removal.Martin Väth2016-01-032-0/+6
| | | | | Bump to EAPI=6. Support optionally user ez-ipupd instead of nobody. Fix initscript: runscript->openrc-run, avoid bashism.
* Fix USE descriptionMartin Väth2015-12-311-3/+0
* Use BROWSER with USE_EXPANDMartin Väth2015-12-042-5/+5
* Clear history for egencache --repo=mv --update-changelogsMartin Väth2015-10-115-0/+135