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<longdescription>Vega Strike is an Open Source 3D Action-Space-Sim that lets you trade, fight, and explore in a vast universe. The vegastrike branch contains the game source code.</longdescription>
<flag name='boost'>Enables support for system <pkg>dev-libs/boost</pkg> instead of included one. Recommended.</flag>
- <flag name='gtk'>Uses <pkg>x11-libs/gtk+</pkg> for graphical configuration (vssetup).</flag>
+ <flag name='gtk'>Uses <pkg>x11-libs/gtk+</pkg> allowing graphical configuration with vssetup. Recommended.</flag>
<flag name='ffmpeg'>Enables support for <pkg>media-video/ffmpeg</pkg>. Recommended.</flag>
- <flag name='threads'>Enables preliminary support for SMP configuration.</flag>
- <flag name='server'>Builds the Vega Strike server.</flag>
+ <flag name='threads'>Enables preliminary support for SMP configuration. Most probably doesn't have any effect at the moment.</flag>
+ <flag name='mesher'>Builds the Vega Strike mesh tool. Presumably used by starship designers for converting 3D models. Optional.</flag>
+ <flag name='server'>Builds the Vega Strike server. Optional.</flag>
<flag name='debug'>Enable debugging support.</flag>