Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* nvtt: use cmake-utilsNicolas Kaiser2010-07-232-11/+18
* vs: removed USE no-sound, added USE ffmpegNicolas Kaiser2010-07-233-13/+16
* vs: removed USE stencil-buffer and sdlNicolas Kaiser2010-07-233-9/+5
* vs: added warning for USE=-gtkNicolas Kaiser2010-07-232-3/+12
* nvtt: added USE debugNicolas Kaiser2010-07-233-7/+19
* nvtt: initial commitNicolas Kaiser2010-07-223-0/+51
* vs-data: nothing to compileNicolas Kaiser2010-07-222-1/+5
* Checked path adjustementsNicolas Kaiser2010-07-222-11/+2
* Fixed path to readme.txt in vssetupNicolas Kaiser2010-07-222-6/+6
* (re)move python dependencyNicolas Kaiser2010-07-222-2/+1
* remove orphaned byte codeNicolas Kaiser2010-07-212-1/+5
* install python scripts into games-libdir and compile them to byte codeNicolas Kaiser2010-07-213-6/+14
* initial commitNicolas Kaiser2010-07-198-0/+282