Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Fix geany-pluginsMarc-Antoine Perennou2011-12-122-1/+2
* geany-plugins: Move to gitQuentin Glidic2011-12-102-12/+4
* geany: switch to gitMarc-Antoine Perennou2011-10-262-6/+4
* Various ebuilds fixesSardem FF72011-05-092-3/+3
* Fixed upstreamSardem FF72011-04-234-46/+1
* Tmp fixSardem FF72011-04-184-2/+58
* Slot depSardem FF72011-04-182-2/+2
* Geany ebuild updatesSardem FF72011-04-154-12/+28
* FixesSardem FF72011-03-112-3/+7
* geany-plugins: Add devhelp and webhelper pluginsSardem FF72011-03-112-3/+8
* A little tmp fix for a typo failSardem FF72011-03-072-1/+8
* dev-util/geany: Patch merged upstreamSardem FF72010-11-043-16/+1
* Fix a gettext issueSardem FF72010-11-023-1/+18
* Remove forced revision for geanySardem FF72010-10-112-3/+1
* Bump dep for geany-pluginsSardem FF72010-10-102-2/+2
* Force a revision to avoid segfaultSardem FF72010-10-052-1/+3
* Initial ebuildsSardem FF72010-09-124-0/+103