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+-*- mode: outline -*-
+* Configuration on Gentoo
+Before starting CFS, you will need to setup NFS.
+Add an export line to your /etc/exports configuration. Such that an
+empty directory with no permissions is exported to localhost with
+read/write access. This directory is known as the "null export"
+directory. Portage has installed such a directory for you at
+/var/lib/cfs/.cfsfs, thus your /etc/exports line would look like this:
+ /var/lib/cfs/.cfsfs localhost(rw,sync)
+Add an entry to /etc/fstab which mounts the null export share to the
+"crypt root" mount point. By default, Portage has installed such a
+mount point for you at /var/cfs, thus your /etc/fstab entry will look
+like this:
+ localhost:/var/lib/cfs/.cfsfs /var/cfs nfs port=3049,intr,nfsvers=2 0 0
+At this point, you may restart NFS:
+ /etc/init.d/nfs restart
+ /etc/init.d/nfsmount restart
+Alternatively you can run the following commands:
+ exportfs -rv
+ mount -oport=3049,intr,nfsvers=2 localhost:/var/lib/cfs/.cfsfs /var/cfs
+Finally, start the CFS daemon:
+ /etc/init.d/cfs start
+* Differences between the Gentoo port and Debian port
+Differences in the Gentoo port include:
+ - No automatic manipulation of user configuration files such as
+ /etc/exports or /etc/fstab. It is the user's responsibility to
+ update those files.
+ - cfs_* included in Debian are not used. The user must
+ manually add entries to /etc/fstab however the Gentoo RC system
+ will take care of automatically mounting/unmounting NFS and
+ starting CFS in the right order.