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* Moved log files to /var/logLeonardo Martins2012-04-264-11/+27
* Added patches to Gentoofy data directoryLeonardo Martins2012-04-245-30/+108
* Renamed package dev-db/neo4j back to dev-db/neo4j-community for the sake of s...Leonardo Martins2012-04-244-0/+198
* Renamed dev-db/neo4j-community to dev-db/neo4jLeonardo Martins2012-04-244-198/+0
* Added patches for Gentoo-style configuration pathLeonardo Martins2012-04-243-0/+164
* Added restart() and info() commands to init scriptLeonardo Martins2012-04-231-2/+16
* Added init script to dev-db/neo4j-communityLeonardo Martins2012-04-231-0/+20