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* Separated gbgoffice from dictionaries, so I can later add kbgoffice later.Iskren Slavov2010-04-136-2/+105
* Added fixed ebuild of acetoneiso. Fixed googsystray digest.Iskren Slavov2010-04-125-1/+86
* Added some gnome goodies.Iskren Slavov2010-04-118-0/+125
* Fixed changelogs. Added adobe-iccprofiles and flush torrent clientIskren Slavov2010-04-1110-2/+124
* Add gbgoffice dictionary. Add version bump of sun-j2me-bin. Add version bump ...Iskren Slavov2010-04-1123-14/+11925
* Fixed liferea Manifest. Added skype with v4l1compat USE flag.Iskren Slavov2010-04-117-1/+758
* fix changelogIskren Slavov2010-04-111-1/+1
* Added ChangeLog to liferea, metadata.xml and removed headers, as this is not ...Iskren Slavov2010-04-113-1/+1487
* Repository name fixIskren Slavov2010-04-111-1/+1
* Initial commitIskren Slavov2010-04-113-0/+52