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* Removed acetoneiso-2.2.2 (now in official portage). Cleanup some old versions.Iskren Slavov2011-02-201-56/+0
* Removed backintime - it's now in official portageIskren Slavov2011-02-203-180/+0
* backintime-1.0.6 update, ossp-uuid cleaned up ebuild, gnome-themes-ementaryIskren Slavov2011-01-062-0/+90
* go-oo-bin fixes. fluback moved to /optIskren Slavov2010-11-173-0/+77
* Added flyback-0.6.5-1Iskren Slavov2010-11-083-88/+58
* Update backintime to v1.0.4Iskren Slavov2010-11-082-2/+90
* Liferea fixed ebuild; BackInTime version 1.0.2Iskren Slavov2010-10-192-0/+90