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* Added the updated kbgoffice. Edited handbrake ebuild's download location.Iskren Slavov2011-02-203-0/+58
* Updated kbgoffice to latest version (2.1).Iskren Slavov2011-02-202-55/+0
* Fixed gbgofffice compilation issue.Iskren Slavov2010-10-264-3/+82
* Added kbgoffice-2.0Iskren Slavov2010-10-255-0/+80
* remove old version of gbgoffice-1.4Iskren Slavov2010-04-191-67/+0
* remove kbgoffice (needs a lot of fixing)Iskren Slavov2010-04-192-19/+0
* add wine-1.1.43, add lirc-0.8.6-r3 (compiles with kernel 2.6.33+)Iskren Slavov2010-04-192-0/+19
* Separated gbgoffice from dictionaries, so I can later add kbgoffice later.Iskren Slavov2010-04-136-2/+105
* Fixed changelogs. Added adobe-iccprofiles and flush torrent clientIskren Slavov2010-04-112-2/+2
* Add gbgoffice dictionary. Add version bump of sun-j2me-bin. Add version bump ...Iskren Slavov2010-04-1111-0/+11488