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* Document release date and version.v0.7.1v0.7.0showHans de Graaff2013-10-201-1/+1
* Fix a few compilation warnings.Hans de Graaff2012-10-262-4/+12
* Ignore generated files for the extension.Hans de Graaff2012-10-261-0/+7
* Ignore generated ctags file.Hans de Graaff2012-10-261-0/+1
* Fix typo.Hans de Graaff2012-10-261-1/+1
* Remove search functionality based on obsolete dbi.Hans de Graaff2012-10-266-530/+8
* Add RSpec files so that we can start creating specifications.Hans de Graaff2012-10-262-0/+4
* Release de Graaff2012-10-261-0/+5
* Fixes for Ruby 1.9.Hans de Graaff2012-10-263-27/+44
* Import distributed 0.6.4 release.0.6.4Hans de Graaff2012-10-2622-0/+5621
* Initial commitHans de Graaff2012-10-261-0/+4