Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* latest svnJeffrey Gardner2007-12-163-0/+104
* latest madwifi svnJeffrey Gardner2007-12-025-117/+15
* bumping to latest svnJeffrey Gardner2007-11-063-0/+104
* Adding comment to reflect the fact I've taken qt4 out of this ebuild.Jeffrey Gardner2007-10-202-5/+5
* BumpingJeffrey Gardner2007-10-203-0/+104
* improved versionJeffrey Gardner2007-10-153-7/+7
* Cleaning up and bumping to latest svn.Jeffrey Gardner2007-10-136-119/+16
* Update latest svn.Jeffrey Gardner2007-09-303-0/+103
* Revert to last known working version. See Jeffrey Gardner2007-09-063-8/+8
* Adding latest svn revision 2702.Jeffrey Gardner2007-09-065-110/+7
* bumping to -r 2666.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-233-0/+103
* Updating to svn r2659.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-204-5/+108
* Fix invalid atom.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-022-5/+5
* Use 0.5.8 instead of pmasked 0.6.0Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-024-50/+17
* Use madwifi-ng-svn instead.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-025-0/+281
* Add madwifi svn ebuild intended for macbook pro users.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-015-0/+124