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* Removing because I added them to science overlay.Jeffrey Gardner2007-10-187-106/+0
* Adding various packages so I can work on them later...Jeffrey Gardner2007-10-144-0/+53
* Add message to ignore warningsJeffrey Gardner2007-09-082-4/+5
* don't update mime db.Jeffrey Gardner2007-09-082-9/+15
* Initial import and testingJeffrey Gardner2007-09-083-0/+46
* Fix Manifest.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-241-4/+0
* Quick and dirty namd for amd64 only.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-243-29/+31
* Depend on no specific charm revision.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-242-5/+5
* Testing namd on amd64.Jeffrey Gardner2007-08-224-0/+218