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* experimenting with trac 0.10b1Alastair Tse2006-09-201-21/+0
* moving patches to my home dir because distfiles cleanup will remove them if n...Alastair Tse2006-09-101-4/+4
* adding mindi and mondo for personal purposesAlastair Tse2006-08-261-17/+8
* migrating to patched tarballs, bumping version of python 2.5Alastair Tse2006-08-261-91/+24
* bumping python 2.5 to rc1Alastair Tse2006-08-201-0/+37
* add man page install target to python 2.5Alastair Tse2006-08-151-4/+4
* update digests (one last time)Alastair Tse2006-08-091-8/+4
* update digestsAlastair Tse2006-08-091-8/+20
* experimental python 2.5 ebuilds for people who will like to experimentAlastair Tse2006-08-091-0/+52