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* tests pass, thanks to ferringbSeemant Kulleen2007-02-052-4/+5
* tests work, but one test with the login decorator is failing for me at the mo...Seemant Kulleen2007-02-042-4/+5
* fixed the unpack function, but testing is broken -- known issue for meSeemant Kulleen2007-02-042-5/+5
* version bump to add bashcompletion and testsSeemant Kulleen2007-02-013-14/+35
* version bump iwth bash-completion goodness and testability -- thanks to the p...Seemant Kulleen2007-02-016-68/+41
* fix SRC_URISeemant Kulleen2006-12-312-5/+5
* an -svn ebuild, just becauseSeemant Kulleen2006-12-313-0/+50
* version bump to tonight's revision - 4269Seemant Kulleen2006-12-313-0/+52
* forgot to put it in a category -- thanks to Rodrigo LazoSeemant Kulleen2006-12-315-0/+100