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* Added jdbm-1.0. Necessary for nntprssGunnar Wrobel2007-05-027-0/+163
* Added nntprss to the stable overlay. Still using this tool successfully.Gunnar Wrobel2007-04-303-0/+39
* More restructuringGunnar Wrobel2006-01-147-163/+0
* Fixed digestsGunnar Wrobel2005-09-261-2/+2
* Added some digestsGunnar Wrobel2005-09-201-0/+1
* Fixed digestsGunnar Wrobel2005-09-181-0/+1
* Updated jdbm patchGunnar Wrobel2005-09-181-0/+47
* Fixed digestsGunnar Wrobel2005-09-181-13/+3
* Modified ebuildGunnar Wrobel2005-09-185-0/+124
* Removed two old ebuildsGunnar Wrobel2005-09-127-189/+0
* Removed jdbmGunnar Wrobel2005-07-087-136/+0
* Added new fuse-j versionGunnar Wrobel2005-04-046-3/+134
* Added the fuse-j ebuildGunnar Wrobel2005-04-043-6/+18
* Starting on fuse-j ebuildGunnar Wrobel2005-03-118-0/+182