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As a result of negligence of previous treasurers and trustees necessary paperwork has not been filed with federal tax authorities (henceforth \textbf{IRS}).
A recent treasurer has taken responsibility for cleaning up the historical baggage and performed a massive job of going through historical transactions and recreated a full ledger of transactions. The recent treasurer is not a trained accountant or book-keeper, and the work has been taken on a best-effort basis.
-The data of the reconstructed ledger is kept in a format for the open source tool book-keeping tool Ledger\cite{ledger01}.
+The data of the reconstructed ledger is kept in a format for the open source book-keeping tool Ledger\cite{ledger01}.
Data can easily be exported from this tool and direct knowledge from accountants is not necessary in order to access the books as the current treasurer is available to support the efforts and data can be exported based on the needs of the accountant.
The recent treasurer did engage a CPA for several months in 2017, but that CPA was unable to continue for personal reasons.
@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ As the Foundation supports an open source distribution, no proprietary tools sho
Your proposal should include a fee structure and a timeline estimate of the proposed work. In addition, the Foundation would like the proposal to have a recent Peer Review attached.
-\section{Contacting Gentoo Foundation}
+\section{Contacting Gentoo}
Questions related to creating a proposal can be submitted by email to This email address is also the contact point for any submission of a proposal.