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* Install test programs for now to test the library using an ebuildHEADmastercmake_portTheofilos Intzoglou2011-10-111-0/+2
* Rename src/Qt to src/Qt4Theofilos Intzoglou2011-10-1117-1/+1
* Add a .gitignore fileTheofilos Intzoglou2011-10-111-0/+3
* Change naming scheme of QPortage and remove helper.{cpp,h} as they are no lon...Theofilos Intzoglou2011-10-115-83/+47
* Fix includes for C files to get everything building okTheofilos Intzoglou2011-10-117-4/+17
* Move option in toplevel CMakeLists.txt and changed its name to Qt4 so now we ...Theofilos Intzoglou2011-10-113-7/+7
* Merge branch 'terietor_interegation' into cmake_portTheo Chatzimichos2011-10-1115-65/+336
| * A couple of fixes on the CMakeLists and change the test programs to use QCore...Theofilos Intzoglou2011-10-116-51/+15
| * add a readme and a TODOGiorgos Tsiapaliwkas2011-10-107-0/+135
| * add 2 new class,qlistconverter and qpackagepropertiesGiorgos Tsiapaliwkas2011-10-108-129/+112
| * init the terietor_interegation branchGiorgos Tsiapaliwkas2011-10-104-0/+189
* | The begginings of a portage class (compilable but not complete)Theofilos Intzoglou2011-10-092-0/+245
* | Add some helper function used mostly for convertions between datatypesTheofilos Intzoglou2011-10-092-0/+33
* | Make cpp-portage a shared library, correctly identify which headerTheofilos Intzoglou2011-10-092-7/+4
* Reorganise CMakeLists so that the proper header files are installed for the a...Theofilos Intzoglou2011-10-062-3/+11
* Add rules to install the cpp-portage library and its corresponding header filesTheofilos Intzoglou2011-10-061-0/+3
* Forgot to tell cmake to install the library!Theofilos Intzoglou2011-10-061-0/+1
* Small fixes to make the PortageSettings class compilableTheofilos Intzoglou2011-10-062-23/+19
* Add option CppPortage in CMakeLists.txt to enable building ofTheofilos Intzoglou2011-10-062-1/+16
* A Qt dir had been added and the class PortageSettingsGiorgos Tsiapaliwkas2011-10-062-0/+126
* add target_link_libraries to CMakeLists.txtGiorgos Tsiapaliwkas2011-10-051-0/+1
* Rename project in CMakeLists.txt to c-portage instead of cportageTheofilos Intzoglou2011-10-052-3/+6
* Port to CMake and add a check for the portage api. If the api isTheofilos Intzoglou2011-10-0517-34544/+17
* Implement get_hard_masked and get_path,Detlev Casanova2010-08-017-131/+166
* Fix get_all_cpv_use, implement get_propertiesDetlev Casanova2010-07-319-37/+165
* Fix calling get_allnodes instead of get_all_nodesDetlev Casanova2010-07-311-5/+3
* Fix strdup inclusionDetlev Casanova2010-07-304-1/+5
* Add the use flags functionsDetlev Casanova2010-07-306-7/+241
* Fix Strings/Unicode conversionDetlev Casanova2010-07-302-23/+61
* Implement data_connect functions and the PortageSettings classDetlev Casanova2010-07-3011-44/+779
* Initial library commitDetlev Casanova2010-07-2927-0/+35034