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* Fix rake task for updating discussion times on AgendaItemsJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-111-2/+1
* Pull information on how long meeting took from Gentoo archivesJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-1114-8/+1597
* Show community votes properlyJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-069-16/+104
* Distinguish votes made during council voting and community voiceJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-065-8/+41
* Allow all users to voteJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-063-24/+52
* Update selenium-webdriverPetteri Räty2011-07-051-7/+6
* Allow markdown in agenda item bodyJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-053-1/+4
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/bugfix'Petteri Räty2011-07-0510-16/+59
| * Display buttons on Agenda item view page in cleaner wayJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-055-3/+35
| * Show slacking status properly when there were no meetings yet.Joachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-052-0/+9
| * Agenda.current creates new agenda if neededJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-07-053-13/+15
* | Application receives meeting log from IRC botJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-274-2/+19
* Application receives data from botJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-253-1/+47
* Send timelimits to botJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-245-10/+44
* Remove some duplicationJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-174-11/+16
* Change names to communicativeJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-173-19/+19
* Improve Agenda model spec coverageJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-172-1/+44
* Improve VotingOption model test coverageJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-171-0/+7
* Improve User model test coverageJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-173-2/+111
* Remove trailing whitespaceJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-131-1/+1
* Show slacking information in the applicationJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-1010-1/+174
* Handle proxies attendanceJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-102-3/+12
* Receive list of meeting participants from IRC botJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-107-20/+49
* agenda/reminders page lists users that bot should remind about meetingJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-105-4/+36
* Send email reminders about meetings using delayed_jobJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-1015-6/+170
* Bugfix - agenda items managementJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-055-4/+20
* Bugfix: broken agenda initializerJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-051-1/+1
* List proxies as votersJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-033-1/+24
* Manage proxies with web appJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-0312-2/+110
* Proxy modelJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-036-1/+209
* Application receives data from IRC botJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-037-0/+62
* Application provides data for IRC botJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-06-0120-5/+309
* Basic meeting participation tracingJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-2411-6/+127
* Agenda itemsJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-2416-1/+304
* Agenda lifecycle (semi-automatically managed)Joachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-2414-29/+241
* Use fuubarJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-243-1/+7
* Breakpoint after failed cucumber stepJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-241-0/+6
* Agenda modelJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-2413-2/+155
* Start using factory_girlJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-202-0/+3
* Add council_member role to User modelJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-203-7/+19
* Use hobo_devise to manage users loginJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-208-10/+87
* Add irc_nick field to User modelJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-207-3/+64
* Cookie stepsJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-204-0/+10
* Cucumber with a login feature demonstrating cookies workJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-1311-0/+426
* A working rspec testJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-105-0/+54
* A plain hobo applicationJoachim Filip Ignacy Bartosik2011-05-1072-0/+12552