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general-concepts/licenses: Determining the license
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+<title>Determining the correct license</title>
+To establish the correct value of <c>LICENSE</c>, you need to trace
+the licenses of all installed files. Normally, the licenses of output
+files (compiled executables, generated files) are implied
+by the licenses of the relevant input files.
+When looking for license information, the following should be
+ <li>
+ <c>COPYING*</c> and <c>LICENSE*</c> files distributed with
+ the package
+ </li>
+ <li>
+ explicit statements in documentation
+ </li>
+ <li>
+ explicit license notices in source and data files
+ </li>
+The latter (more specific) options take precedence over the former.
+In particular, <c>COPYING*</c> files are frequently included as hardcopies
+of applicable licenses but the exact application of licenses and their
+versions are specified elsewhere.
+Please watch for license conflicts. If the license indicated
+by the package is incompatible with the licenses used by its sources
+(e.g. BSD/MIT package including GPL sources), please contact
+the licenses team for guidance. Do not add packages that seem
+to include license term violations.
<title>Adding New Licenses</title>