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* Change the indentation for ebuild <codesample/> snippets from spaces to tabsGöktürk Yüksek2018-01-031-3/+3
* Gentoo is doing https for everythin nowJustin Lecher2015-08-213-10/+10
* Remove Assembler Optimisation sectionMike Gilbert2015-03-061-45/+0
* arch/mips: Add Cavium Octeon and CI20 systemsMarkos Chandras2014-11-081-1/+1
* fix duplications and typosNicolas Kaiser2013-05-121-2/+2
* amd64: Drop obsolete link to emul packages. Use pacho's devspace insteadMarkos Chandras2012-10-281-77/+2
* Add note that MIPS doesn't do stable keywordsPetteri Räty2010-04-101-0/+3
* Update sparc page by Tiago Cunha <me AT tiagocunha DOT org>; bug #217351Mark Loeser2008-05-191-7/+10
* Quote variables correctly; bug #206645Mark Loeser2008-01-241-1/+1
* Fixed the fPIC description so it doesn't say it causes a drastic slowdown now;Mark Loeser2007-12-161-2/+2
* Updated profile versions to reflect current state.Danny van Dyk2007-04-241-4/+4
* arch/ -> archs. Thanks to peper for the patch.Bryan Østergaard2006-12-261-3/+3
* More make install -> emake install.Tim Yamin2006-07-161-1/+1
* Add x86 rules, tsunam and wolf said to add it :)Mark Loeser2006-06-271-3/+33
* "ALPHA" -> "Alpha" fixes from tcort as well as a fix for the AMD64Tim Yamin2006-05-252-19/+60
* Highlighting fixes, author list added, fix codesample syntax in places.Tim Yamin2006-05-171-1/+1
* Add the PPC notes (thanks to josejx)Mark Loeser2006-05-052-0/+108
* Adding the last xml files, then I'll fix all of the addresses in one shotMark Loeser2006-05-032-5/+5
* Add the rest of the arch pagesMark Loeser2006-05-014-2/+319
* More goodies converted, hosted projects, and half of the archsMark Loeser2006-05-013-0/+888