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Active threads last week:
Announcing GLI ("the installer") 0.5
dev-db/firebird needs an active maintainer
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net-www/apache-1* masked.
New herd: kernel-misc
Optional Package Dependencies for netscape-flash -> libflashsupport
+Release BitTorrent seeding
RFC: ion license
Suitable USE flag name for stuff that requires non volatile memory
Virtuals and Java
@@ -22,14 +23,15 @@ www-client/pybugz needs a maintainer
[RFC] missing <herd> tag in metadata.xml
Last Rites:
Last rites: dev-java/jswat
Last rites: app-vim/sudo
Last rites: app-emacs/preview-latex
Last rites: sys-apps/855resolution
One sentence summaries on more active threads:
RFC: ion license
ion's upstream license prohibits keeping "ion" name if the package is patched
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Last rites sys-apps/855resolution
915resolution is still needed
+Announcements / Important stuff
+Announcing GLI ("the installer") 0.5 (by agaffney)
+The Gentoo Linux Installer team would like to announce version 0.5[.4] (we've found a few bugs since the initial 0.5 release) of the installer. This release, which is available on the 2007.0 x86 and amd64 LiveCD/DVDs, has a lot of changes from the previous one (so many that it really should have been a new major version, but we haven't even reached 1.0 yet, so it's a bit hard to jump to 2.0).
+Release BitTorrent seeding (by robbat2)
+Could the ~80 people that are still seeding the 2006.1 release on BitTorrent please move to seeding the 2007.0 release instead?
+The 6 torrents below are the most popular (in order), and account for 98% of the BitTorrent traffic since the 2007.0 release yesterday.
+1. livedvd-i686-installer-2007.0
+2. livecd-i686-installer-2007.0
+3. livedvd-amd64-installer-2007.0
+4. livecd-amd64-installer-2007.0
+5. install-x86-minimal-2007.0-r1
+6. install-amd64-minimal-2007.0
+I will be retiring the 2006.1 torrents on June 1st, until then, they are available at
So, that's it for this week